Thursday, January 13, 2011

#ELTchat - PD on speed!

I took part in my first Twitter chat this morning.  It was amazing!  It all happened so fast, I'd try to answer or ask a question or make a comment and by the time I posted there would be 10 new tweets there!  And so much of what was discussed and shared is useful to me in my teaching, but I'll have to go back to read the transcript or wait for the summary to follow it all. I'll do a new post about the content of the chat, watch this space.

If you get into Twitter, or find a chat session you want to join, then I recommend you get something like TweetDeck, which allows you to have immediate updates - it would be impossible to follow on the regular Twitter app as it doesn't update automatically (or I haven't found how to do it).  TweetDeck also allows me to have a column (channel?) just for the chat but also watch what is coming in on other channels, including any mentions of me - this helped me know when someone in the chat session asked me a question or retweeted something I said.  TweetDeck can also be linked to a service which shortens URLs for tweeting.

I've got Twitter on my iPhone too, and TweetDeck, and have linked it to the Dragon Dictation app in case I want to tweet from there.  Gee, I love this stuff :-)

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