Sunday, October 09, 2011

Blog challenge: Compare and contrast

Here is my contribution to Brad Patterson's Blog challenge: compare and contrast photo which in turn was inspired by Anne Hodgson's Compare and contract post. Check out both of these for links to other blog contributions by my PLN-friends.

Here are two photos I took at and near my home in Canberra, Australia.

Can you see the lizards in these pictures?

I thought this might lead to some comparison and contrast in regard to visibility of the lizard in each picture.  How comfortable might each lizard be feeling in its surroundings?

Please feel free to post your thoughts.


Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Lesley

Nice choice of lizard images! These creatures wouldn't last a second here in Abruzzo with the chicks and cats all enjoying a bit of lizard on a regular basis...

I reckon the lizard in image 2 in its natural habitat would feel much more comfortable than the one entering your home! You, on the other hand, would rather see the lizard in image 2 than the one on your doorstep, I'm sure!

Brad said...

Hi Lesley !

Glad you accepted the challenge. I'm a big fan of lizards. When I lived in Mexico there was this pink/white lizard called a "besacon" which sounds like "kisser" in spanish. It made a kissing-like sound and slid all over bedroom walls.

Lizards can be a skittish sort, and yet they end up in odd places quite often. Love the pics !

Anne Hodgson said...

Hi Leslie,
Nice pictures! It almost looks to me like there's a little crack between the tiles leading your door that the lizard feels particularly comfortable dragging his tail through. I could imagine it enjoys the warmth the tiles have soaked up.

Lesley said...

Thanks Janet, Brad and Anne!

I'm also a big fan of lizards and we have lots of amazing reptiles in Australia. When I was young, we had a blue-tongued lizard in our yard that was almost like a pet, and it was my dream to be a frill-necked lizard when I grew up! So, Janet, I wasn't worried about that one at the door at all :-)

I like Anne's idea of the lizard being comfortable on the tiles. I thought it might have been attracted by the pottery piece near the door (which was made by my landlady who does some beautiful work based on things she sees in the bush).

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

Regards, Lesley