Friday, June 17, 2011

Trying to meet the #FFSpinOff challenge - @joedale's Easy classroom blogging with Posterous

In response to the #FFSpinOff challenge suggested by Tara Benwell on Tyson Seburn's blog, last night I started hunting around through my favourite ELT blogs but, seeing a never ending story unfolding before me, I decided to sleep on it.  Then, while I was walking early this morning I listened to the podcast of The Ed Tech Crew's interview with Joe Dale and knew I'd found my first #FFSpinOff challenge post...

Joe Dales' Easy classroom blogging with Posterous post on his Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom blog.

It's a very practical post, and includes the (complete) how, what, why, and who of all to do with Posterous and using it in the language classroom.  In a way, it possibly has too much in it (especially the way it appears on my laptop screen, all in one thin column), and the indexer in me wants to organise it so I can just jump to the relevant place, but the adventurer in me likes that I could serendipitously discover something new to try by reading through the whole post.  One day soon, I hope I'll have time to do just that, and think about how I might make more use of the Posterous account I opened some time ago and have sadly neglected.

In the meantime, I hope I might have introduced someone following my tweet to:
and there they might discover some new and useful tip for integrating ICT into their language teaching.

I can also recommend the podcast of The Ed Tech Crew's interview with Joe Dale

And now to think about next week's #FFSpinOff challenge...

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